As the appointed building contractor, we provide specialised construction management services.
We work with our clients with to deliver a high-quality building and provide maximum value for the client.


Before construction starts

We finalise:

  • appropriate sub-contractors
  • the building contract
  • the construction programme
  • cashflow estimates
  • communication and reporting processes.
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During construction

Our services include:

  • building in accordance with the construction programme
  • identifying issues early
  • managing sub-contractors and other building issues
  • providing ongoing financial and project reporting
  • working closely with the architect or designer and the client
  • aiming to be as flexible as possible
  • maintaining sensitivity to the client’s business and operations.

In addition

We offer advice on any proposed building or development. Drawing on our 40+ years of expertise and experience we provide tailor-made solutions at the very outset of a project.

This focus is on technical aspects of the proposed products and methods, and identifies

  • quality, technical or practical issues
  • product or technique options for cost-saving, design or quality purposes
  • building solutions for specific building, financial or client requirements.

Design to project completion

With most of our projects we work together with the client right from the design stage, ensuring the best practical solutions and cost effectiveness.


We can provide building-related services at the feasibility stage of a property development. Services include building and site due diligence, value engineering, consultant and sub-contractor recommendations, cost analysis and buildability advice. These services are often used by business owners looking a custom solution on the premises that they use for their business and also to add to their property portfolios.

Typically we also manage all construction aspects of any property development. These include design input, sub-contractor selection, contract structuring, reporting, construction and ongoing management.

Our Team

Terry Simkin

Terry Simkin

Managing Director

After working as construction manager for a number of leading commercial building companies, Terry joined with his brother Colin and Kip Rasmusson to form Simkin Construction.

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